Monday, January 10, 2011


  2010 pass with mostly black and white, plus some color [Remember, SOME..]. What i have done in the past few months?
  1. I might made my group member's project get a low mark
  2. I might made some friend hates me
  3. I might spend too much on many things
  4. I become more emo
  5. I think too much, much more than last 2 years
  6. and etc... mostly not a good one [when you see this mean i am emo again?]
  I just came back from my 3 months "engineering internship", i have a very good experience from there, not bout my electronic field, but "Philosophy of Life", sounds perasan, haha. Dun ever wanna think back or talk back bout the working experience if you ask me, but if from what i learnt, i might tell.

  2011 resolution, after motivated by one friend, here it is, my updated blog post. First thing come into my mind is:"What is resolution?" Resolution, for me is those pixel kind of thingy when you want to buy printer, like dots per pixel, or your screen resolution. So 2011 resolution mean what is my pixel in 2011? I presume resolution have another feeling, which is something like what i wish to do in 2011. So here goes again:
  1. Learn my Japanese, nihon-go wo benkyou shimasu
  2. Learn how to become a human. Not joking, human nowadays not behave like human...TRUE.
  3. Continue my story for my game
  4. Learn better in my academic
  5. Score better in my academic
  6. Join more activities [only activity i like]
  7. and etc [all those good thing lo...]
  8. oh yeah, and sing K, watch movie and etc, but let me count my budget first.
  Lastly, is kinda late, Happy New Year.

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